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Atlas Compensation Brief Survey Series: Survey #2 Results

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

2020 Short-term Incentive Practices Survey

Conducted August 2020

Results of the 2020 short-term incentive practices survey is much more of a mix (versus the salary increase practices survey) - ranging from no changes to deferring payouts to anticipating no payouts. The results are varied across sector, industry and organization size, with no apparent trend among these groupings. With time left in the performance year, it seems to be too early to draw conclusions regarding 2020 short-term incentive plan practices.

The following provides the detailed results of the survey:

83% of the responses were received from privately-held organizations from a multitude of industries to include: Chemicals, Healthcare, Professional Services, Software and Technology. 17% of the responses were from the Government sector in the Financial/Banking industry.

100% of organizations have made no changes to their 2020 short-term incentive plan performance period.

17% of organizations have re-set, or intend to re-set, 2020 short-term incentive plan performance goals, with 100% of those lowering performance goals.

83% have not re-set, nor intend to re-set performance goals, with 20% of those organizations not expecting a payout at all.

33% of organizations have modified the incentive payout date, with 100% of those organizations planning on deferring.

67% have not made any changes to the payout date, with 25% of those organization not expecting a payout at all.

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