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Employee Engagement & Recognition Planning for 2021

Thank you to our friends at KangoGift for submitting the following article on employee engagement and recognition planning for 2021!

Time for us as business leaders to start planning for 2021! Who’s ready? I’m not,

but the job continues. 

The positive news is that our goals are still the same. We want to build companies

our employees are proud of, know how they are making an impact, and have safety

and security in the professional aspect of their lives.

As leaders at our firms, we know that when these unique times pass, our

employees will remember how we handled the crisis and will think about staying on

board or jumping ship to other opportunities. So, yes, we have to think about our

core business strength and also the human aspect during this planning stage.

Keep in mind that the basics of the world are still in place. The sun still rises in the

east and sets in the west and you still need to engage your employees. Their needs

are still the same as they were pre-COVID and you need to continue your

engagement program like before. I see some companies still acting in the crisis

mode and looking to simply survive.  One thing I also notice about those companies

is that they are quickly falling behind the rest of their industry. 

You also have access to the same tools that you had before COVID.  Let’s

remember that before this, there were so many tools that were making employee

engagement both better for the employees, and a more powerful tool for

executives. During the pandemic crisis when you were cutting left and right you

may have forgotten what you had available to you.  

Those tools, and the technology that came with them, are still very much available. 

This gives you a great opportunity to run a highly successful program just as you

were in the pre-Covid days.  You can now prepare by using the tools which were

already driving you to maximum efficiency. 

Lastly is to remember that you’re in control as much as you were before COVID. 

We went through a stage when it seemed we were out of control but, in fact, we

never lost control.  At least not from a technical point of view. As you settle down

and think of the here and now, you have as much control as you did in January and


Here is what I want you to take away from this discussion:

 Step back and take a deep breath. You have come through this on the other

side.  What was before COVID-19 when it comes to the operation of your

program is still the case.

 You have access to the same tools and they remain every bit as helpful and

relevant as they were before COVID.

 Granted we all are intimidated by all the changes we have to deal with but

none of that doesn’t negate the fact that we’re in control. In fact, you never

lost control. Right here, right now, you have as much control as you did in

January and February. 

About KangoGift

KangoGift’s mission is to help organizations foster cultures that ensure employees

feel valued, appreciated, and inspired to do their best every day. As an HR

technology company, they provide a platform to enhance the employee experience

using three modules - engagement, recognition, and insights. Their approach is to

tailor programs to each client’s corporate culture. They work with clients adapting

to the new way of work.

They were founded in 2009 and are based in the Boston suburb of Arlington, MA.

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