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Atlas Compensation Partners' 4 Year Anniversary

2020 marks the 4 year anniversary of Atlas Compensation Partners! I remember when I

started the firm in 2016, looking forward to the time when I could speak about how many

“years” I’ve been doing this! I am honored and humbled to be celebrating this milestone.

Throughout my career, I aspired to start my own firm one day. My father founded and ran

his own successful engineering consulting firm for close to 35 years, so I grew up in it and

running my own business was in me from day one. My father passed in 2016, shortly after I

launched Atlas Compensation, but I know he is working by my side every day. I am

fortunate to have inherited his work ethic and passion (among other traits, but those are a

topic for another time!).

Working in the field of compensation, I felt I needed significant experience in-house with

different organizations and across the different disciplines of compensation to gain the

knowledge and expertise I felt it was necessary to provide exceptional service as an external

consultant to my clients. I spent 16 years in progressive in-house compensation roles prior

to starting my own firm.

I began my compensation career in sales compensation as an administrator and then in

analyst roles and supervisory roles – this is truly where I fell in love with the world of

compensation and knew it was the right direction for me. Compensation combines the

analytical/numbers side with the people/relationship side; it is the perfect blend for me.

After progressing in sales compensation roles with two organizations, my interest in

compensation grew. I then had the privilege to expand into global, employee-based

compensation and executive compensation with several firms and industries for the

remainder of my in-house career. During this time, I obtained three professional

designations in compensation and sat on local professional organization boards. I continue

to keep the designations current and continue as an advisory board member for the local

total rewards association.

As a consultant I have the privilege to work with many organizations across different

industries and business sectors, expanding my knowledge and experience – all to make me

better prepared to work with my clients. I am a true believer of continuous learning and

continue to learn every day.

The formula for me to work successfully with my clients is to bring the background and

knowledge of all things compensation and build the relationship and trust for a long-term

partnership. I take the time to learn about the organization, it’s people, the executive team,

the culture and what is important to the business in the short and long term. There are

basic compensation principles and competitive practices that can be applied, but truly

unique solutions cannot be designed without really getting to know the client, building the

relationship and creating the partnership.

I am really looking forward to 2020 continuing the partnerships with the exceptional clients

with whom I currently work and building new relationships with all of you I have

yet (and can’t wait) to meet!

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